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The organ trade: time is right for harvesting; MP Ken Baugh

Michael “x” smith -Kingston, Jamaica:

Dr Ken Baugh, Opposition spokesman on health and quality of life, told The Sunday Gleaner that the JLP would support the passage of legislation paving the way for harvesting of organs in Jamaica. Read More


Album: Ed Sheeran – Shape of you (Deluxe)

Ed Sheeran’s new album is named ‘÷’, following on from his previous two albums: ‘X’ and ‘+’.

The ginger heartthrob said: “Every title has its own theme. Multiply was called multiply because it made everything that was on plus bigger.

“From the venues to the songs to the radio plays to the sales.

“I don’t know what the theme on the next album is yet because I haven’t made it.” Read More


vybz kartel – highest level dominates JA/#2 on billboard,king of dancehall

king Of The Dancehall, the latest album from controversial superstar dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, debuts at number two this week on the Billboard Reggae Album chart. Read More

All vinyl copies of ‘Fade Away’ cover sold out


Extremely talented recording artiste Milverton is the unique soul-searing voice behind the reggae-soul rendition of Junior Byles ‘Fade away’, which was featured by Father Culture . The vibrancy created between these two veteran roots reggae artistes resulted in the vinyl copies of this classical hit song to be sold out.



Vinyl copies for ‘Fade Away’

Born on March 3, 1972, to Esmie Bryan and Neville Thompson, Milverton Thompson grew up in the tough, dire, garrisons of Kingston. His mother and stepdad, “helped to foster love and good morals in me that has made me into the man that I am today” Milverton recalls.


Read More


Reggae Superstar PETER TOSH MUSEUM Grand Opening and All-Star Benefit Concert gearing up to be a spectacular weekend of events

Peter Tosh exploded onto the world stage as an activist and solo artist with his 1976 release, Legalize It! Tosh worked to promote the legalization of herb, equal rights, and to expand Jamaica’s cultural and musical influence. Peter was no stranger to oppression in his homeland and knew the fight for legalization and equal rights well. His music served as a catalyst for a generation to fight for what they believed in.




When the Peter Tosh Museum officially opens its doors on October 19th, 2016 at the Pulse Centre in New Kingston, Jamaicans and visitors from around the world will be able to see a large collection of never-before-seen Tosh memorabilia, as some of the treasures will be displayed to the public for the first time. Visitors will also be able to relive aspects of the non-conformist, futuristic and abundantly creative Tosh experience through sizzling audio and video recordings featuring the superstar, as well as iconic artifacts including his M-16 guitar and beloved unicycle that became one of his favorite means of transportation. Aside for the wonderful exhibits and art that will be on display, exclusive merchandise will be available for sale to the public.

The Peter Tosh Museum is a joint-venture collaboration between the Peter Tosh Estate, Pulse Investments Ltd, and Andrea Marlene Brown.

For More Information on Peter Tosh and his legacy, please visit:

www.PeterTosh.com  OR  Facebook.com/PeterTosh

Twitter: @PeterTosh   Instagram: Instagram.com/PeterTosh

Read More

Jamaica’s Pedophilia Problem on a RISE!


If pedophilia is a growing problem in Jamaica, the relevant state authorities would not have the foggiest notion of it. It seems this particular kind of child sexual abuse is lost in the nation’s carnal abuse statistics.

The Ministry of Health, which has portfolio responsibility for issues affecting children, admitted that it did not have any information on pedophiles in Jamaica. “We are (in the dark),” conceded Dr Judith Leiba, director of child and adolescent mental health in the health ministry.
“We don’t know if it is a growing problem. We have no profile of the abuser to determine if they are pedophiles,” she added, while declaring that the ministry was concerned about every single case of child abuse.
The 2008 edition of the Economic and Social Survey Jamaica noted that there were 2,232 reports of sexual offences that year. Of the total number, 56 per cent (1,251) were cleared up. Rape accounted for 38 per cent of cases reported, followed by carnal abuse (27.3 per cent), and indecent assault (22.4 per cent).
The reported cases of carnal abuse increased by 42.9 per cent, to 610 from 427 in 2007. The police reported that carnal abuse dipped by seven per cent in 2010 when compared to the numbers for the previous year.




Read More

Reggae Icon Rita Marley recuperating



Cuban born Rita Marley, mother of four of Marley children —Sharon, Cedella, David (Ziggy) and Stephen and widow of the Reggae superstar Bob Marley, has been admitted to the hospital after suffering a major stroke on Wednesday in Miami.


This is not the first stoke Rita Marley has suffered from. Family members were always aware of her condition and has been closely monitoring her.  The seventy-year-old reggae icon was in Miami to attended an event, her appearance  has since been cancelled.

Rita has six children, two from other relationships and four with Bob. Bob adopted Rita’s two children as his own and they have the Marley name. Bob has 14 children in total: the two of Rita’s that he adopted, four born to Rita.


After Marley’s death, she recorded a few albums under her name with some success in the United Kingdom.

In 1986, Rita made the decision to convert Bob Marley’s home into the Bob Marley Museum. She is also the Founder and Chairperson of the Robert Marley Foundation, Bob Marley Trust, and the Bob Marley Group of Companies. She has also adopted 35 children in Ethiopia and has assisted over 200 children in Konkonuru Methodist School in Ghana where she has been granted citizenship.


Policies and Laws are made to be followed, but by who?

It is evident that most of what goes on in society is based upon rules and regulations. Especially in specifically government controlled environments such as schools, hospitals, security forces (JCF and JDF) and churches. Try as you may you can’t escape all of them.  In these facilities it is obligatory for authority to be delegated based on hierarchy. The head issues commands – the subordinates follows these commands.

In schools, the head -teachers issues commands while the subordinates – students conform to these commands. As in the recent incident where a student of the Hopefeild Preparatory School was  thrown out of the school for sporting an “afro” hairdo. Student was told by principal “even if you cut your hair to the last root, you won’t be allowed back into the school” after the incident wasn’t taken public.  This system of doing things also exist in the church, the head-pastor issues instructions and the congregation as a result follows these instructions. The system is no different than the colonial slave system, it’s simply a revised version, different words are used however the core principles remain the same. The slave master at the head enforce rules, while the slaves at the base conform. It is crucial for this colonial system to work, only then does the superior versus inferior complex exist. We all know who is superior and who is inferior based on the direction which delegation flows. This flow will never change.

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in the streets

jah luke music on the rise, in the streets

veteran sing-jay ewart ivey more popularly known as jah luke, is going hard with his independently produced track called “in the streets”, 

It as been 30 years since singer Jah Lukes made his recording debut with the song Giant Size. Recently, he decided to take hold of his career by producing his songs. Read More